D.U.M.B.O.  D I R E C T


A l e x   M c D o n a l d


There's an undercover cop on the corner
Calling out for nickels, dimes and quarters
I was getting mugged by a couple thugs
But he didn't want to blow his cover

There's a lady standing underneath my building
Selling off the pieces of her evening.
I asked her if she could
work some other neighborhood,
she told me she's just earning a living.

She's an undercover cop
And now she's on the job
She said that it's a secret
I should let the matter drop.

There's a guy who's going crazy on a campus
Shouting out and starting up a ruckus
He's looking for a fight and he'll get one tonight,
And he's got a hidden camera in his glasses.

He's an undercover cop
And now he's on the job
Is everyone on the world
And undercover cop?

There's a little poodle prancing through the parking
Chasing his tail and frolicking.
His nose is all shrank, he passes by a trunk
And then all of a sudden starts

He's an undercover cop
And now he's on the job
Well everywhere I turn,
An undercover cop.

There's a guy who's a professional assassin
They say that where he kills it's with a passion.
He costs a lot of bread, but you'll know they'll be dead
Though he'd never tell you even if you asked him.

He's an undercover cop
When's it gonna stop?
Is everyone in the world
An undercover cop?
And by the way, are you an undercover cop?

Words and Music by Alex McDonald