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Pablo Rosenblueth

We need a few more freaks in every corner
A few more true defenders of the impossible
A newspaper that sings instead of screeching
A subway ride that really takes you nowhere

We need a few more freaks in every corner
A cop that gives you tickets to the movies
A thief that steals your favorite depression
A politician that actually likes people

We need to build some truly human gadgets
A watch that moves in tune with our own breathing
A hat that changes colors as our moods shift
A suit for persons and not personalities

We need to print a nice face on the dollar bill
Rewrite the constitution for our own age
We need laws that reward before they punish
Parole for every single mental prisoner

We need to see the soulless beg for poetry
By kneeling at the feet of smiling children

We really need more freaks in every corner
Until the city learns to feel their wonder

-Pablo Rosenblueth