D.U.M.B.O. D I R E C T


  Artists Kevin Auzenne -- www.sintelligence.net/kartsmacro.htm
  Brute Art & Video
Rebecca Landmér -- home.earthlink.net/~rlandmer/art.htm
  Sculpture -- Mixed Medium
Bonnie Steinsnyder -- www.urbsoc.org/steinsnyder
  Paintings and Prints
  Foundations Creative Capital -- www.creative-capital.org
  Supporting Innovative Artists
The Foundation Center -- fdncenter.org/onlib/index.html
  Online Library of Foundations
Foundations.org -- www.foundations.org
  A Directory of Charitable Grantmakers
Percent for the Arts -- ci.nyc.ny.us/html/dcla/html/pahome.html
  Percent for Art Program, New York
  Magazines Art Calendar -- www.artcalendar.com
  The Business Magazine for Visual Artists
Art Commotion -- www.artcommotion.com
  The Los Angeles Contemporary Arts Magazine
Art News Room International -- artnewsroom.com
  International Contemporary Art
Artweek -- www.artweek.com
  Covering West Coast Contemporary Art
NYArts -- www.nyartsmagazine.com
  NYArts Magazine
Review -- www.reviewny.com
  Art Reviews Criticism Theory Features, New York
The Dance Insider -- www.danceinsider.com
  Dance Magazine
  Marketplace ConnoisseurWeb -- connoisseurweb.com
  Art, Photography, Design, Auctions
iTheo -- www.itheo.com
  Marketplace for Emerging Artists
PhotoArts -- photoarts.com
  Fine Art Photography and Marketplace
w3art -- www.w3art.com
  Online Fine Art Galleries
  Organizations art in context -- www.artincontext.org
  International Fine Art Community
ArtsWire -- www.artswire.org
  A Program of the New York Foundation for the Arts
Dumbo Arts Center (dac) -- www.dumboartscenter.org
  Organizers of the annual "Art Under the Bridge Festival"
Silicon Intelligence Network -- www.sintelligence.net
Danish New Wave -- www.danishnewave.dk
  Young Danish art infiltrates New York, the New York way
  Resources ArtCyclopedia -- www.artcyclopedia.com
  A Fine Art Search Engine
ArtDeadline -- artdeadline.com
  Comprehensive Resource for Art Deadline Information
ArtSeensoHo -- www.artseensoho.com
  nEw YOrk CiTy, Art, Reviews, City
ArtsWire -- www.artswire.org
  A Program of the New York Foundation for the Arts
Axis -- www.axisartists.org.uk
  For Information on Visual Artists
The Compleat Sculptor -- www.sculpt.com
  Sculpture Materials and Resources
e-flux -- www.e-flux.com
  Shows, Space, Calendar
Sculptor.org -- www.sculptor.org
  A Comprehensive Resource for Sculptors
The Sculpture Center -- sculpturecenter.org
  Fostering the Careers of Emerging Sculptors
World Wide Arts Resources -- wwar.com
  Gateway to artists, museums, galleries & other resources
  Space Alexander and Bonin -- www.alexanderandbonin.com
  Manhattan Gallery
EyeWash -- http://users.rcn.com/warnernyc/eyewash.html
  Williamsburg Gallery
Galapagos Art Space -- www.galapagosartspace.com
  Art and Performance Space, Lounge GAle GAtes et al. -- www.galegatesetal.org
  Art and Performance Space Livesystems -- www.livesystems.net
  Art Space, for the Pleasure and Profit of Marni Kotak & Community Moving Image Gallery -- www.movingimagegallery.com
  Moving Image Gallery & New Radio and Performing Arts
National Portrait Gallery -- www.npg.org.uk
  The British National Portrait Gallery
Pierogi2000 -- www.pierogi2000.com
  Williamsburg Gallery
Salon300 -- http://www.salon300.com
  Williamsburg Gallery
  Machine Art Videos
Sky Plots -- http://www.randy.kato.com/skyplots
  Photo Gallery
Smack Mellon Studios -- www.smackmellon.org
  Art and Performance Space
The State of Art -- www.thestateofart.com
  Greenpoint Gallery
Stux Gallery -- www.stuxgallery.com
  Stefan Stux Gallery- Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary, Art Williamsburg Art & Historical Center -- www.wahcenter.org
  Williamsburg Art & Performance Space Yellow Line Party -- www.randy.kato.com/yellow
  Photo Gallery
Your Wall -- www.yourwall.com
  The Space for Fine Art Photography